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    Sancy Suraj

    Sancy Suraj Can Make You Remember Anything

    Sancy Suraj. Sancy Suraj Singh. Memory Athlete. Singapore Memory Athlete. Sancy Suraj. Sancy Suraj Singh from Singapore. Mr.Sancy.

    Control Your Children’s Anger

    Just about every child feels angry seldom, yet when angry, negative comments and aggressive acts become a norm. It is crucial for parents to do the right action to aid their children....
    The Umonics Method

    5 Things You Should Know About The Umonics Method

    The Umonics Method Teaches Recall Techniques Human memory is an essential concept in cognitive psychology and neuroscience. Our brain is actively engaged in the functions of learning and...

    Everyday Activities to Help Educate Your Preschool Child

    There is no one more enthusiastic about life than a preschool child. If you are the parent of one of these precious little ones, you are blessed. Helping children this age is...

    Why Parents Should Create a Work-from-Home Art and Music Business

    One of the difficult things about going from a two-income family to a one-income family is the lost income, obviously. While you might be saving on daycare costs and commuting expenses to...

    Stop Your Kids from Hitting, Biting, Pushing, and Shoving

    Sometimes, some children become aggressive in an unknown reason. They hit, bite, push, and shove, which leads to hurting other people. You don’t want your child to keep up this behavior, so...

    Promoting And Maintaining Independence Whilst Caring For The Elderly

    Sometimes, when caring for an elderly relative, it can be hard to know what to do for the best. If you are a caregiver, you are generally and solely responsible for...

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